New Music: Nas Addresses Police Brutality on Robin Thicke’s “Deep”

New Music: Nas Addresses Police Brutality on Robin Thicke’s “Deep”

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All of Robin Thicke’s singles following the Paula debacle have failed to make much noise. But “Deep,” which he dropped last night, is particularly noteworthy because it features Nas. The Queensbridge legend opens the track with a blistering a capella verse in which he directs his frustration toward police brutality.

“White man with a gun, apprehended he’s still alive / Black man with a gun he has no chance to survive / They’re gonna shoot him dead as soon as they see the brown of his eyes / And they ask me, ‘Why you ain’t smilin’, Nas?’ because I have a son and I’d die inside / When I gotta tell him what was told to me / Can’t play with your water gun, son, ’cause the police see a 7-year-old as a threat / They think it’s right to kill a 7-year-old on sight ’cause he ain’t white.”

And the rest of the song is fine, too. Listen to “Deep” below.

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