Watch Wes Anderson’s New Holiday Short Film For H&M, Starring Adrien Brody

Watch Wes Anderson’s New Holiday Short Film For H&M, Starring Adrien Brody

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Wes Anderson has, of course, an illustrious history as a psuedo-indie film darling, but also he’s been active as a Creator for Brands throughout the better part of his career. He has previously directed shorts and commercials for a wide variety of major corporations–his most notable work in this vein is a short film for Prada, but he’s also done AT&T and American Express commercials.

His latest lucrative project is designed, perhaps, to sell some “skinny fit” slacks and maybe a cool coach jacket: It’s a four-minute Christmas-themed spot for H&M called “Come Together,” starring Adrian Brody. Brody is the “sleeping car attendant” on a train on “H&M Lines,” dressed up cute and colorfully, just like he’s in a Wes Anderson film. Though all the porters are dressed like the crew of the Polar Express, the rest of the passengers look like normal people wearing H&M. The gist is this: The kitschy and anachronistic Wes-Anderson-y train gets delayed, the passengers realize they will miss Christmas at home, and they come together to bring the yuletide spirit to life … on H&M Lines.

It’s heartwarming (maybe), definitely precious, and trending like hell. See if you have enough cheer in you to stomach it, and watch below.



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